Spank Lee


Spank Lee is a young up-incoming artist from the southern state of Alabama in the city of Mobile.The “Port City” native is known for his “southern lyrics” and “punchlines”, but life story telling events. Spank  has released 3 mixtapes over the past 2 years” which have been going crazy over the in the streets and in the IPods of your everyday downloading blog site visiting music critic.

Lee began his journey in music as a kid who was influenced by the southern sounds of: 8 Ball & MJG, UGK, Outkast, Jay-Z,and other Pioneer artist in the “Southern Industry”. ” I just try to create a different style when I’m the studio, “you know try to stand out with my word play, and keep it real and heart feeling on every track.” said Lee. I try to give you like a variety of style and show versatility, speak on the stuff that goes on in my community and my life. Spank was once a student of Alabama A&M univ(Huntsville, Al), where he meet up with friends who also had a passion for music and making beats. It started from getting high and recording freestyles to writing 16′s about the hustling life of a youngster outta Mobile. Lee began putting more time into the music and the love for quick cash and began to slip in school. “I was like before I make all F’s and have it to were I cant come back and finish school later, I would just withdraw and move back home and finish later if this music didn’t work, you gotta have something good to fall back on.

After his sophomore year he moved back to the streets of Mobile and began living the life of fast money and found himself caught in troubles in the streets. “I was hard headed all about the quick buck but its not always the best buck though, “You can easily get trapped but thats not the way says Lee. I feel the same way I could have sold you something in the streets I can sell you Good Music that you can feel and vibe to, music you put on when you when wanna get high or put on when you want motivation for a better way.

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