The Last Mr Bigg



Having just taken two pistol rounds to the head at point-blank range, The Last Mr. Bigg was sure he was going to die.

Nevertheless, as paramedics attempted to cut off his red mink coat, he pleaded with them not to ruin the jacket.

He didn’t realize that it was already soaked through with his own blood.


The 2004 attack may sound like something out of one of his songs. Bigg, born Donald Pears Jr., is one of the biggest rap stars to come out of Mobile.

He spent eight days in a coma. He lost his right eye, part of his brain and nearly his life.

The eye was later replaced with a prosthetic, centered with a diamond iris.

Rapper The Last Mr. Bigg talking to News reporters about his old neighborhood in Maysville and helping kids stay out of trouble in Mobile, Alabama.


Even without the 2004 shooting, Bigg’s life story doesn’t lack for drama, often the key to establishing street credibility and success in the rap world.

In 1990, at age 19, he was arrested on charges of robbery and assault with a deadly weapon, putting a strain on his relationship with his father, a Mobile police officer.

After an apparently ineffective stint in boot camp, Bigg was arrested again in 1994 on charges of reckless endangerment and resisting arrest, the result, he said, of a shootout and car chase that ended in a crash.

This time, Bigg was sent to prison. He served almost five years.