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Tyler McCall aka Trexnodash was born in 1991 in Pensacola Florida he was raise in small town of Perdido Alabama aka Lost City
Raise amonst family and friends he was taught loyalty commitment and dedication…
Trexnodash started rapping at age of 12 in 2002, even though he was raised up around a talentive family knowing how to beat the drums, play the piano etc the death of his oldest brother put pain in his heart and mind. he could only express thru rap music…. His momma taught him to keep God first and daddy taught him to grind thru faith and determination he making D.R.E.A.M.S DAILY ROUTINE EVOLVE AROUND MUSIC SUCCESSFULLY though Trex had always been rapping he didn’t push his first mix tape to 2015 DSOU Don’t sleep on us with a group of day 1s call young reckless the cd was put out by beast hollywood of dirty30radio due to jail family situations and the natural world struggle the group spilt it..Trex keep going networking with several local artist from around the south dropping 2 mix tapes thru dirty30radio including no off season and lost city dreams thru trails and trivalations the world is starting to talk about trexnodash as he takes his journey to the top expect his name to trend in music for decades to come….Follow TREXNODASH
Bitch Please

Fuck a Hater

Out the Mud

Ask yo Bitch

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TREXNODASH – Lost – City – Dreams